Friday, March 5, 2010

A Wow Morning!

I was so honored and blessed today to be awarded the "Beautiful Blogger Award" from my sweet, beautiful friend, Cheryl (  Needless to say I am so overwhelmed that she thought of me.

I remember years and years ago when Cheryl and I were serving together on the Board of Directors for the Florida Parent Educators Association - and we were on a much needed retreat.  I was showing several ladies how to create a scrapbook page...Cheryl had never tried it before...Oh Boy, did I start something!  She has bloomed into an amazing, creative scrapbooker/card marker, and blogger.  I love seeing her beautiful creations and so wished we lived closer so we could hang out and I could pick her brain a bit!  Thank you Cheryl, not only for your friendship, but sharing your creativity with so many people!  You are such an inspiration to me!!!

To receive this award, I am supposed to list 7 things about myself, which has been very difficult for me deciding what to post, so here goes...
1.  Even though I have lived in Florida most of my life, I was born in Guntersville, Alabama.  A small town about 120 miles north of Birmingham.  Guntersville is a beautiful lake town - most people own boats; especially sail boats.  The lakes are filled each summer with beautiful sails and people skiing.  I enjoy visiting my father, who still lives there. 

2.  I have been married to my wonderful husband, Rennie, for 31 years this year.  He amazes me everyday how much he loves me.  He is my biggest fan in all my endeavors and I am extremely thankful for him!  We have two amazing children and three MORE amazing grandchildren. Rennie and I love to travel together.  We say that we both have to live to be at least 150 years old in order to go to all the places we want to see.
3.  I like most food - much to my determent - it is no wonder I have a ton of weight to loose!  I am a serious "cake aholic" - I LOVE to eat cake - any type of cake, cupcakes, might as well have a skull and crossbones on it.  My daughter is the most fantastic cake baker and this causes me much stress to resist anything she makes.  
4.  My favorite color is everything except roses...they are too common.  I would have red (and just about do) in every room of my home.  I so seldom wear red, but when I do, people tell me I look good in that color.    5.  Even though I retired from teaching, I still enjoy teaching people how to craft.  This is where my love of stamping comes in.  One of my favorite current classes is working with a group of 12 year old young ladies..  We meet every Wednesday and I show them how to create a new item, such as a card or 3-D project.  They are such delightful young ladies and I hope we can continue to work together.   6.  I love mornings!  I have always been a morning person and am at my best then.  The window in my studio faces east - I often marvel at the sunrises while I am working.    7.  I am the happiest when creating.  I so enjoy coming up with new things - but often I get stalled when too many ideas go whipping through my head.  I laugh and say that my brain looks like an old VHS tape on fast forward most of the time.  Being the thinker I am sometimes is a curse more than a help.      Now I must pass this award forward to 14 bloggers that I follow or that follow me.  This is very difficult due to the fact that I follow 100's! Please visit their blogs and tell them you were sent by me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and THANKS again Cheryl - Love you girl!!!


  Thanks for stopping by today and THANK YOU Cheryl, again, for this special honor!  Blessings,