Sunday, September 12, 2010

School is Underway - New Things Coming

My days of tutoring have begun and I am enjoying teaching once again.  Of course the spider bite and the complications it has brought have put a bit of a damper on me racing out of the gate strong.  I have had to limp along (so to speak) for four weeks now not feeling quite myself.  I began the second round of antibiotics and steroids this past week.  Hopefully, I will get stronger with this round and will not need any more medical intervention.  I have felt sorry for my students because they have not gotten my absolute best yet...but they will SOON!

I long for creativity in my life and feel I am the most content when working on art and craft projects.  After working on lesson plans and new unit studies over the summer, I put my artsy side on the back burner.  Thinking about the Christmas season, which will seemingly be here next week,  I want to create again.  I plan on taking some classes at a local scrapbook store.  I was telling Rennie, that I don't always want to be the teacher...I really like being a student and learning new things.  I enjoy a new challenge!  Hopefully, my final projects will look good enough for me to take a photo of and post here. 

Until next time...