Monday, December 27, 2010

Moving Week Has Begun

Wow, Christmas has come and gone and now it's time to move on down the road - literally!  We begin packing this week to move to Orlando.  I begin my new job on January 4 and am looking forward to it.  A dream come true!

I came upon this organizational blog today and I might say it was a God send..just in time!  I am hoping that she will assist me in getting organized in my new home and hopefully I can keep it that way!  I will be participating in her 21 day organizational challenge. I want to encourage you to do as well!  To see her tips - click HERE.

I pray that 2011 is a blessed year for you - I'm believing that it will be for us as well!

Until next time...


Toni said...

Pamela, Thanks for linking up AND joining in on the challenge. I am SUPER excited to get started!

Amanda said...

good luck on your move!

Pamela Knopf said...

Thank you so much Amanda! New challenges, new city, new job,...blessed life!